29 Jun

All of Mociun’s prints are totally mind-blowing, but think I actually want to upholster my life in this one.

I guess this tiny quilt would be a good start.


Reverse Kubla Khan

29 Jun

I’ve been trying to hash out this one idea for about a week. Last night I woke up at 3 AM in a flash of insight and I suddenly had it figured out perfectly (I think). I didn’t get up to write it down because being sort of an insomniac, I was afraid I would wake myself up too much to go back to sleep.  So I just figured if I repeated it to myself a bunch, of course I would remember it in the morning.


Wave Tattoo

17 Jun

I’ve been really captivated by this picture of a sweet tattoo that was floating around the internet last week. I can’t get it out of my head:

via North Hawai’i

I love the simplicity of the wave and how it works perfectly in that spot, curling around the wrist bone (radius? No. Ulna? I think). I’ve been thinking about the graphic work of Luba Lukova and about something inspired by both of these. Still percolating.



I like that last one a lot but I can’t find a bigger/higher-res version of it anywhere online. It’s so cheeky! The first two images remind me of the Bernini sculpture of Apollo and Daphne, where Daphne’s father turns her into a tree as Apollo chases her, love-crazed after being struck by Eros’ golden arrow.

Steiner out.

This logo is so sweet

7 Jun



16 Apr

Played around with photoshop for the first time in a while this morning. Here are some (hopefully lightly) ‘shopped images from yesterday’s Golden Gate expedition.

That went surprisingly well

13 Apr

We had some friends over last night and someone asked, on the spot, what would the title of your memoir be? I proposed ‘That went surprisingly well.’ Or rather, That Went Surprisingly Well. I feel like it pretty much sums up my perspective—wary but optimistic. Maybe a tad curmudgeonly?

Also, what happened to underlining book titles? Is that one of those things you only do in elementary school, like write in cursive, or is it a relic of the 90’s altogether? I guess the advent of the hyperlink supplanted underlined book titles.

What would your memoir be called? I’m gonna make some up for people I know and put them in the comments.

So many things

9 Apr

So many things!

First of all, why am I blogging on Saturday afternoon when it’s perfectly beautifully perfect outside? Because my  head and my heart are thumping with weird rhythms and I don’t want to forget! I’ve been meditating on a couple of things this week and they’re all based on optimism. I was feeling really crappy and boxed-in for the first couple of days this week and then something happened and I just sort of felt released from all my stupid worries (no offense, worries).

I think it all basically boils down to optimism and the decisions about how to view  life. I was reading an excerpt from a book by David Dow, who runs the Texas Innocence Network and defends death row inmates, mostly unsuccessfully. He was talking about how hard it is to balance his work with his personal life. He recounts a conversation with his wife in which she was upset that he forgot about plans with their son. He tells her how important their family is to him and when she says she isn’t sure whether to believe him, he says:

Belief is a decision; it doesn’t just happen. Believe what I am telling you.

For some reason, that really rattled me. I’m sure that idea informs his work and his life tremendously. In thinking about my own life this week and trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing (maybe that should be a hashtag on this blog) I realized, or maybe remembered, how necessary it is to construct myths for yourself so you can truly believe in what you’re doing and own it.

Like belief, events don’t just happen in life. Well, some do, but what to do with them is a choice. We manifest them.  Also, the decisions we don’t make are as important as the decisions we do. I feel like I’m really wading into Eckhart Tolle territory here, but it feels organic so I’m going to go with it. What I’m trying and failing to say directly is: I don’t know what I’m waiting for, but I think I’m done waiting, for now.

Recently, I’ve been looking for jobs and nothing has really excited me. Even future plans that I tell myself I’m putting off aren’t really speaking to me. I wonder now if they’re plans I’m delaying for practical reasons and because I’m kind of scared, which I’m plenty aware of, or because I don’t really believe in them but I’m freaked out by having no plan at all. It doesn’t really matter which, I suppose.

The point is, being scared is not stupid, but letting fear control you is. Everyone’s scared. I think I’ve been clinging to this belief that I can’t achieve certain things because I’m pretty average, but I don’t even know what average means. Maybe average is what you do, not who you are. Ugh I just vomited a little, but whatever, it’s true.

So anyway, I want to change direction in a semi-seismic way. Switching from a uninspiring job with horrible pay and great hours to another uninspiring job with mediocre pay and shitty hours is not a step in the right direction. I don’t want to work at a computer 8+ hours a day and get two weeks of vacation a year. Fuck that noise. That’s not living.

So I have A New Plan and I’m really hoping it doesn’t fizzle out because I haven’t been this excited and surprisingly not scared about something in a while.

The great news is I’m already poor, so that’s not really scary any more. Hell, if this works out, maybe I won’t even have to go to/pay for real grad school. Huzzah! Well, I’m getting ahead of myself, but things are percolating. It feels great.

In a similar vein (optimism, etc) I realized yesterday that one of the great things about living in a new place is that you get to have a new favorite place every week! And it doesn’t even feel flaky! Mine right now is Bernal Heights Park. It’s like an awesome low-budge Twin Peaks without the tour buses AND it’s a 15 minute walk from my apartment. Can’t find a good picture right now, so I guess I’ll have to take my own. Great dogs there, too.

Alright, I’m gonna call it a day. Great dogs, everybody! great dogs.